Registered Global Data Transfer Officer

Ambition based eligibility

Unmatched ideology based eligibility providing opportunities to anyone with ambitions in the field as sole threshold

(principle of non-elite accessibility)

Multiple completion modes

Unmatched modes of training options for candidates best fits (exam-only, guided trainings, train the trainer options (online, in class, hybrid etc.) 

Career growth perspectives

Unmatched identification of professional data protection roles at foundation, advanced and expert levels

Stakeholders added value

Unmatched practical added value trainings for employees, employers and external consultants

Quality Management Review Board: international board of experts

Relevance of Your EU Registered RGDTO Certificate

National and international validated recognition and distinction as EU Registered Global Data Transfer Officer (RGDTO) Trainer adding “priceless insights for practical applications” value to your employer and colleagues while creating unmatched career opportunities for the near future and next careers opportunities thanks to a unique global CPE certification mechanism.

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