Association of Data Protection Professionals

The Association of Data Protection Professionals promotes and facilitates data protection professionalism at individual and company level, based on perspectives and the principles of General Data Protection Regulation in a global context.

Data protection professionals across the globe acknowledge Association of Data Protection Professionals for its value proposition as the premier international network for active certified promotion of validated data protection professionalism within the European Economic Area and its relations in global context. 


Acknowledged EEA global certification for data protection professionals

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Companies outside the European Union who offer products or services to persons (legal and/or natural) in the EU, or deploy employees in the EU are pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation required to provide sufficient guarantees that for processing personal data appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented as per the requirements of GDPR. 

RDPO Candidates Reference Guide

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Privacy Symposium

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Find more information on the two sessions of speaker Romeo Kadir (President ADPPRO) at the Privacy Symposium in Venice in 2022 and/or download the presentation slides. 

The Association of Data Protection Professionals is your reliable partner and committed certification expert to make a significant contribution to your privacy and data protection excellence at multiple levels of people, process, products and services of your organization and operations, paving the way for your data protection maturity and official EU GDPR Certification of your organization and operations.

Consultation Mechanism

ADPPRO provides a state-of-the-art methodology (C-Mechanism) to certify GDPR conformity of all sorts of data processing by any business, company or organization. The ADPPRO Consultation board consolidates input from the different committees, members and DPP representatives of each relevant jurisdiction with data protection laws and regulations. Formal approval of consulted drafts generated within the Consultation Mechanism are inserted in the Data Protection Body of Knowledge and Skills reference.

European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification

Anyone (inside or outside the EU) who has successfully completed any ADPPRO certification can apply for the Register of Data Protection Professionals (RDPP) registration. After validation in your RDPP record statement it will be noted which certified knowledge fields and/or GDPR skills of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are covered.

More information on how to apply for the European RDPP can be found in the certification section.


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